About Illumine

Illumine is an Erasmus+ co-funded project that aims to support school education teachers in implementing evidence-based teaching practices with technology and in understanding the science of learning theory (cognitive science, neuroscience) that underlies these practices.

Illumine facilitates teachers in sharing their implementations via case studies, lesson plans, and learning activities that are documented in an online community platform, published in a digital handbook, and shared via research publications. Together, these efforts strive to develop the inquiry stance of educators and foster a mindset of “teachers as researchers”.

The project addresses school education teachers, by proving the space, the resources and the learning community to:

●  improve initial and continuing professional development
●  develop more appropriate, diversified, and innovative teaching practices
●  improve digital competences
●  foster peer-based, collaborative and focused involvement of teachers
●  improve knowledge about learning and evidence-based practices
●  provide practical 'ready-to-use' materials
●  contribute toward the professionalisation of teaching

The consortium includes higher educational institutions, social enterprises, and schools spread across 4 countries: Spain, Portugal, Estonia and Serbia.