ILLUMINE Teacher Professional Development Toolkit

A guide and materials for running a 20-hour Illumine teacher professional development course

Read summaries of conducted workshops for primary school (Spain, Serbia), secondary and vocational schools (Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Portugal), and a mix of school levels (Estonia).



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(EN, ES, PT, FI, GR)


To help teachers make use of evidence-based teaching and learning strategies


A course for in-service primary and/or secondary school teachers.


A 20-hour course with six 2-hour workshops and 8 hours of autonomous work.

Teacher Inquiry:

The course follows a team-based learning design approach: groups of teachers work together to co-design lesson activities, pilot them with students, reflect on outcomes, and share their final work with the educational community.


The toolkit includes lesson plans, presentation slides, documents and/or online forms for learning activities, and online forms for pre/post measures. *There is also a guide for using the Illumine platform in the course.

Making adaptations:

Overall, materials are provided for 6 evidence-based strategies. It is recommended to select and focus on 2-3 evidence-based strategies in one 20-hour programme.

Materials are Open Educational Resources that are free to reuse.