ILLUMINE Teacher Case Study Videos

by Illumine10 April 2023

During a special 3-day mobility training event, teachers from Portugal, Spain, Estonia, and Serbia recorded videos about their research lessons (i.e. case studies). The talented Illumine partner, ArchiPlayDoo, produced the following videos:

●  Comparing retrieval practice and a KWL table (know, want to know, learned)

●  Retrieval practice with feedback support

●  Exploring the use of retrieval practice and brain breaks

●  How do brain breaks affect student attention in Philosophy classes?

●  Reframing to help her students learn to better cope with academic stress

●  Reframing student mindsets about stress with a focus on students with low confidence

●  Reframing to help less confident students better face academic challenges

●  Investigating the effects of stress-is-enhancing versus stress-is-debilitating videos

●  Reframing – turning student stress into something positive